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I see that the population of this community has climbed a bit since the gates of Dreamwidth opened last night.

Welcome! Feel free to have a look around, get a feel for this community, and introduce yourselves. It's still early days for 2012, but my goal- our goal, since this is a communal thing- is to make this place a go-to spot for levelheaded discourse about 2102 and related subjects. So, if you run across an interesting article- whether it's a New Age or scientific, skeptical, or hysterical, come post a link, and let's talk about it.

The current H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic scare is a great starting point- how much nonsense is there, and how much fact? Is the signal getting lost in the noise? Who do we listen to, and who do we ignore? Does social media make things like this better or worse? Let's talk and learn.

And again, welcome!


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