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I watched that gawdawful Hollywood disaster of a movie, "2012" the other night. I'll never get those two hours back, but oh, well. If there was a law of physics, of location, of practicality- and of common sense- it was violated. It should have been called "2012: Toon Universe" because even though it was live action, every law of toon physics and hollywood cliche applied. Apparently in this universe, Yellowstone Park is a day's drive from LA and limousines get hybrid-like gas mileage, cell service exists even when tidal waves wipe out the towers, and runways are immune to quake faults.

Whatever. I'm just glad I only wasted one dollar and two hours on it.

But the subject of 2012 is slowly growing in our minds- sort of like Y2K (remember that) did a decade ago. I remember all the craziness surrounding that. 2012 is no different- there's a whole industry springing up around it.

Most of it is bogus crap.

But one of my favorite sites, Disinformation, has a sub-site devoted to the subject, and has made a movie about it. I haven't watched it yet, so I can't yet comment on it, but the trailer looks interesting.

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