This is my latest community, and I hope it'll be one of the best ever! I have 'hobby horses' that interest me, and if you were on Live Journal, perhaps you got to ride on my older 'hobby horse' merry-go-round, Dark Christianity. That comm grew from a tiny hobby-horse to a roaring success, and I hope that this one will also be an apex of common sense, good information, good community, and interesting discussions.

2012 is an interesting subject- so many people have so many ideas and predictions about it that it is hard to sort the fact from the nonsense. I seem to have that particular knack, which I honed on Dark Christianity, and will use here. I hope to start a lively and intelligent discussion about 2012 (and 2013!) and become a go-to (FAQ) point for inquiries, thoughts, ideas and information about the whole thing. Here are some ideas for discussion:

Is it going to be The End of the World As We Know It? (eotwawki)
Will we have an apocalypse or Armageddon?
Will people get really scared and do stupid things?
Are there actual transition events we should be aware of and prepare for?
What books, movies, documentaries, and documents should we read?
What should we believe, and what should we dismiss?
Will the Mayan calendar be right?
Is it the end, or is it the beginning?

I am sure there are a bazillion other questions, which will be answered in due time. What I aim to do is to create a comfortable, sane sanctuary where people can discuss things, ask and answer questions, and build a consensus of common sense and spread a little Light around. Of all the things we can do, spreading Light is probably the most important.

I am a Skeptic. Yes, I am a metaphysician, a Rosicrucian initiate, a mystic, and a lot of other obscure, esoteric and agnostic things. I track to Neutral (Middle Way) on the Good/Evil stage, and I approach things with an INTP/J sensibility. There will be simple rules, and they will be gently enforced.

Welcome aboard! Let's ride!