The whole 2012 phenomenon may have a relatively singular source, but it has spun off many related elements. In fact, 2012 itself is an element of eschatological behavior- the latest in a long series probably dating from the dawn of humanity.

Still, there are commmunities and forces that require a closer examination, because their activities will color things as the year approaches and the accompanying hysteria grows. And no one is better capable of generating mass hysteria than certain newer sects of Christianity- the Neo-Pentacostal and New Apostalic Reformation, especially. Some are calling this 'Third Wave' Christianity- but it bears very little resemblance to old-line Christianity. Their services are dramatic and emotional, full of sound, fury, light and noise, deliberately designed to knock a person out of their rational minds, and keep them coming back for more. Their numbers are rapidly growing around the world.

This article goes into more depth about these sects, and their behavior and impact:

Fighting demons, raising the dead, taking over the world?

I believe that if fear is the mind-killer, knowledge is the antidote- bringing both power and killing fear. Getting to know who the fear-generators are will do a lot to dilute their influence as things progress.