Here's the New Scientist article that the Daily Mail riffed upon in the post below. Only the location has been changed...

Space Storm Alert: 90 seconds to Catastrophe

It goes into even more depth and detail than the Mail article does- citing why it might take years to recover from a major solar storm- things like the innards of large transformers are not simple to make or replace, and there are not many laying around as spares.
Live Science has a scientific take on all the things that are happening to this planet. They even have a "Strange News" with a "Bad Scientist" column that I am sure will provide both humor and levelheadedness as 2012 grows in our awareness.

World to end in 2012- (Check back for updates)

It seems quaint now, but as the last century came to a close, there was fear of the "Y2K bug," the computer programming glitch that supposedly was going to bring the world to its knees as the millennium turned. The news media ran alarmist stories of possible consequences, ranging from the timing on your coffeemaker being off to a global nuclear war started by mistakenly-launched missiles.

While most people were only mildly concerned, many stocked up on survival gear, and some even headed to remote areas to wait out the impending holocaust.

And it wasn't just the Y2K bug; there were dozens of predictions that the world would end in 2000 (just as there had been a century earlier — some things never change). For example, author Richard Noone decided that the planets would align catastrophically almost exactly eight years ago, on May 5, 2000. The result would be the end of civilization through the melting and shifting of the polar icecaps.

Noone was so concerned about it he wrote a book titled "5/5/2000: Ice, The Ultimate Disaster." (About 18 months before doomsday, I interviewed Mr. Noone about his book and prophecy; when we concluded, I asked if we could arrange a follow-up interview on May 6, 2000, just in case the world didn't end. He declined. Noone's book is currently for sale on for 1 cent.)

Penny for your thoughts?

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And to remind us that we really need to get out more: People need to play more- adults, not just kids!

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And to keep your feet (and mind) firmly grounded, visit A Brief History of the Apocalypse, so you can see how many times they've gotten it wrong.