I found this interesting article in the Huffington Post: Premonitions and Spirituality

Spirituality involves an awareness of being connected with something greater than the individual ego or self. This "something greater" has traditionally been called God, Goddess, Allah, Great Spirit, the Almighty, the Absolute, and many other names. Some consider it as the Universe, or as a sense of infinite order and beauty. Many individuals prefer to attribute no name whatever to it. But whether named or unnamed, the awareness of a connectedness with something greater than the "I" has been a source of strength and meaning for individuals throughout human history.

Individuals often find that their power of sensing and knowing expands as they mature spiritually. These expanded capacities often involve the capacity to know yet-to-be events that lie in the future, as the unbroken stream of prophets, visionaries, seers, and shamans throughout history attests. A modern analog of this ancient ability to know the future is premonitions, sometimes called intuition, gut feelings, or sixth sense.

The article goes on to talk about how love is connected to premonition- particularly where small infants are concerned. While I don't have children myself, I can understand how emotional or familial attachment will amplify sensitivity to events. This can be expanded greatly, with mindfulness and practice.

Premonition and similar 'sixth sense' things are something that I am not going to dismiss outright- simply because I have experienced them myself, and trust my own guts and hunches. In fact, I've learned the hard way not to ignore them. That awareness of Connectedness- no matter what you call it- is essential for survival, and even happiness. While it still cannot be measured in conventional ways, it is way too pervasive in human culture to be dismissed outright.

Sadly, because this particular thing cannot be rationally quantified or measured, it becomes wide open for charlatans and scammers to exploit, and they often do. There are about 1000 false prophets, seers, and psychics (people who have taken a genuine talent and have run way out on a limb with it) for every genuine one (who generally do not talk about it), and their noise, flash, come-ons and falsehoods tend to drown out the quieter dialogues of the genuine articles. One of the purposes of this community will be to differentiate between the scammers and the real ones. We'll separate the 'woo-woo' from the 'woo-hoo'.

Here's the catch, though- we all have these capabilities- of premonition, prediction, of sensing the patterns and knowing something is out of whack- and it gets better as we get older. These capabilities can be cultivated, and in my position as an occasional metaphysical teacher, I encourage my students to keep journals of dreams, hunches, premonitions, etc. to have a physical reference to the often nebulous world. This increases and reinforces both their confidence and their trust in their abilities to apprehend subtle things- especially when the 'hits' begin to out number the 'misses'.

So, I encourage the readers here to consider starting a 'hunch' journal. Keep score. Learn how to cultivate it- this talent will come in handy when the craziness is thick on the ground. It will enable you to become a Light in the darkness, a place of trust and courage.

I started this community on a hunch. I understood that there was a lot of misunderstanding about both 2012 and the world in general, and with things seeming to be retreating into darkness, I felt moved to use my particular talents to create a place of light and measured reason. "Measured reason" does not dismiss metaphysical things outright, but it subjects them to the same rigorous examination as everything else. Will it pass the 'smell' and the 'extraordinary proof' tests?

What premonitions do you have- especially about the next next 3 or 4 years? What drew you here, besides curiosity? Why not talk about your own premonitions- put them down, tag them with 'premonition' and we'll come back from time to time and comb through them. Use your own journal, too- get yourself 'fit' by exercising your mind. Perhaps you'll thank me later.


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